Strong  news says that Allu Arjun will be playing a key role in SRK Jawaan . let me show you .

Allu Arjun has confirmed that he was offered a key role in Jawaan movie 

Jawaan Movie Poster . 

AA was recently Approched by Jawan makers .

So does it mean their will be no Pushpa 2 .

Rejected , Yes AA rejected SRK Jawaan as it clashed with pushpa 2 shooting .

AA has been preparing thoroughly to get into the skin of his personality for Pushpa: The Standard and for the following couple of months, he is simply going to focus in on it.

"Allu Arjun took as much time as is needed to contemplate Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan, where he was offered a little at this point effective job yet it's very hard to pick over Pushpa," the source added.