After being signed to the UFC in 2011, Johnson went on to win his first two fights before fighting Dominick Cruz for the 135-pound title.

Prior to the bout with 'The Dominator', Johnson was still working full-time as a forklift driver.

In the first five years of his professional career, 'Mighty Mouse' split time between fighting and his factory day job.

Speaking to Fox Sports in 2015, Johnson recalled his earlier days working in the factory.

'It was in a warehouse in Tacoma where we recycled paper to make boards to protect televisions during the shipping process,' Johnson said.

Back then, Johnson's days and nights were a lot longer, with little rest in between. 'I would get up at 6am, be at work by 7am, get two 15-minute breaks and get off work by 3pm.

'Even though I was fighting in the UFC, I didn't make enough money, in my eyes, to pay the bills, make car payments and all that.

Now, 'Mighty Mouse' competes under the One Championship banner. When he does decide to retire, he will unquestionably go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time.