Kareena Kapoor Khan pays her nannies around 3 lakhs per month to take care of her kids Taimur Ali Khan and Jeh.

Mira Rajput pays around 80,000 monthly to her nanny who look after her younger son Zain Kapoor

Sunny Leone has 3 kids and she pays each nanny around 2 lakhs per month to take care of her kids individually.'

Karan Johar has two nannies for both his kids and he too pays around 3 to 4 lakhs to each nanny for his kids Yash and Roohi.

Abram Khan's nanny was paid around 5 lakhs per month reportedly back then when he was a baby

And today his baby sitter is paid around 2 lakhs per month 

Neha Dhupia pays around 60 thousand for her kids Mehr and Guriq.

Aamir Khan's son's nanny was paid around 2.5 crores per year reportedly.