Salman Khan is an ideal host and never allows his visitors to get a handle on left and he has demonstrated now is the right time and once more. 

Salman Khan stops Shera and sees off Sangeeta Bijlani himself. 

Sangeeta and Salman set an exemplary illustration of charges can be companions for a long.

Salman Khan drops Shehnaaz Gill after the party moves past.

Salman Khan sees off Pooja Support at the vehicle at the air terminal after they show up together.

Salman Khan much love their mate Shah Rukh Khan and sees off to the vehicle on his 57th birthday celebration.

Salman Khan sees off mate Govinda as he arrives at his home to persuade him to allegedly Accomplice 2.

Salman Khan comes to drop Katrina Kaif after she finishes her advancement of Jagga Jasoos around then.