Veteran entertainer and chief Satish Kaushik, who engaged the crowd with his strong exhibitions throughout the long term, died on Walk 9.

Satish, who was 66, was in Delhi when he experienced a cardiovascular failure.

The insight about his less than ideal end was shared by his dear companion and veteran entertainer Anupam Kher.

Satish Kaushik's human remaining parts were brought to Mumbai and his last rituals were performed here.

As of late, in a meeting, his nephew Nishant, who lit the fire, discussed the family and Satish Kaushik's girl Vanshika.

While addressing ETimes, Nishant uncovered that the late entertainer's everyday's life has reached stop.

His significant other Shashi Kaushik and little girl Vanshika are attempting to settle that he has died.

India entertainer's remains have been drenched in Haridwar and the custom was finished by his nephews.