Shah Rukh Khan’s leaked chats about Aryan Khan with Sameer Wankhede fake; he didn’t plead, claims superstar’s friend

Shah Rukh Khan doesn't use WhatsApp, and all these chats that are claimed to be his with CBI officer Sameer Wankhede for son Aryan Khan are fake; he didn't plead to anyone, claims the Pathaan star's friend.

It is alleged that Sameer Wankhede allegedly released the chats with Shah Rukh Khan to prove that he didn't insulate any bribe, and ever since the chat has been leaked, the fans are divided

There are many who are sympathetic towards the Pathaan star as he was literally begging to have mercy on his son as per the chats,

while his other set of fans are expressing disappointment that his personal chat with the CBI office of Sameer Wankhede can be leaked and are calling it fake.

While the latest update about those chats is that they're fake, 

the Jawan star's close friend has reportedly rubbished the idea of Shah Rukh Khan begging and pleading to release his son. 

He called those alleged chats fake and said there is no truth to them. SRK's friend came to his rescue and chose to be anonymous.