Taylor Swift is coming, and ‘all of Allegheny County is sold out’

That’s because Taylor Swift — pop megastar and global economic force — is set to storm the 68,000-seat Acrisure Stadium for two concerts,

Friday and Saturday, bringing with her an onslaught of fans eager to catch a glimpse of one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Virtually every hotel in Pittsburgh is booked; local restaurants gearing up for an unprecedented uptick in diners

If you want to stay in Pittsburgh this weekend, you might have to sleep outside.

With the incoming deluge of Swifties, virtually every hotel in the city is sold out, and local restaurants are gearing up for an unprecedented uptick in diners.

“It took about a day of scouring Tripadvisor to find something reasonable,” said Vikki Ginsley, who’s driving more than 300 miles from Toronto to see the concert.

When Ms. Ginsley, a doctoral candidate at Ontario Tech University, checked hotel prices, she said everything in Downtown cost around $800,Visit