‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Moments That Didn’t Age Well Ahead of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ Affair

Ariana's Conversations With Raquel About Her Love Life After Raquel revealed she tried to hook up with Schwartz, Ariana pointed out that she didn't know her friend "had it in her" to make a move.

Questioning Her Interest in James While discussing James' past with Raquel, the professional DJ's mother threw shade at his ex-fiancée. 

Tom and Ariana's Domestic Life In a March 2023 episode, Sandoval said he was "sad" about his then-girlfriend "leaving" him to go on a girls' trip. 

Seeing a Different Side to Raquel "I feel like I'm the only one who isn't falling for Raquel's sweet and innocent act," Kristina Kelly told cameras while discussing Raquel's crush on Schwartz.

Taking Responsibility for Her Actions After Lisa Vanderpump found out about Raquel's interest in Schwartz, she called out the SUR waitress' decisions, saying in a March 2023 episode, "Take some responsibility in that.

Competing for the Same Man During a March 2023 scene, Raquel admitted she was apprehensive about flirting with Garcelle Beauvais' son Oliver because of his connection with Lala.

Not Trusting Raquel With Their Men In a sneak peek clip of a March 2023 episode, Lala said she would "never trust" Raquel around her man.

The Necklace Cameo In a March 2023 episode, eagle-eyed fans noticed Sandoval wearing a lightning bolt earring and necklace.

Katie's Insight "I am starting to see a pattern in Raquel. It seems like she is only interested in men that her friends are either married to or interested in.

Listening to Her Problems During a March 2023 episode, Sandoval listened intently when Raquel addressed her issues with Lala after crashing boys' night.

On Her Side In a March 2023 episode, Sandoval took Raquel's side amid her argument with Lala. "I can't unsee the f—king bully that you were to her.