Vince Russo says WWE made one big mistake with Seth Rollins despite making him World Heavyweight Champion (Exclusive)

Vince Russo thinks that WWE is making a critical mistake with Seth Rollins and the World Heavyweight Championship. He revealed why the Roman Reigns situation doesn't help Rollins or anybody else.

"It absolutely does to me. It does because it honestly feels like 'We can't take these titles off Roman [Reigns] so we're just going to create another title.

I don't know how we could feel any different to anybody else. That's basically what they did. And it has nothing to do with Seth [Rollins].

Whoever is the Champion, I would feel the same way. To me, that was the premise, which means this Champion isn't good enough to beat Roman?"

Seth Rollins had his first defense of the World Heavyweight Championship recently in a live event at White Plains, NY, against The Miz.

His first televised defense of the World title came on RAW recently against Damian Priest.

The World Heavyweight Champion reacted positively to the news about his first title defense in Madison Square Garden.